Coverage tailored to your needs

Why protect your entire home when you can get coverage for just what you need? 

 Most home repair and maintenance  plans cover just that – your whole home. When there's a claim, there may be a deductible or trip charge. Both mean the customer is paying more than expected. With Nicor Home Solutions, customers pay to cover just the appliances and systems that need coverage.  Experience the "No Deductibles Difference."  You will have the option of convenient billing and will be treated to the highest standards both "on the phone" and "in the home."

We provide comprehensive coverage ...

Warranty customers don't like hearing "that's not covered" or being told about a "trip charge" or a deductible they must meet.  Our home repair and maintenance plans cover all parts and labor, on qualifying repairs up to plan limits, related to mechanical and electrical failure caused by normal wear and tear or defects in workmanship. There's never a trip charge per claim. 

90% of our customers pay NOTHING out of pocket on a service call.

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